Why is Cavanal Hill Resort an exemplary choice for every quintessential event?

Doubtlessly weddings and other mesmerizing events are intangible moments of our life and to bring out the best essence you need a state-of-the-art venue. A venue or a palace holds extreme imperativeness just like the food and the décor.

You need to make sure that you are making the right move to swoon your guests and push them to pat your back.

Cavanal Hill Resort is an exemplary destination for every marriage and event because it bestows them with a tag of “The Grand.”

We are the first choice of everyone who is looking to make their event indelible while reaching the heights of exquisiteness.

Here are some rock-strong reasons why we are the preferred choice of our clientele.


Cavanal Hill Resort has a palatial banquet

Having a palatial banquet hall is indispensable, and we take the pride of having a splendid banquet and private villa. Our halls hold the capability to accommodate hundreds of people without any hotchpotch.

Additionally, these halls are enough to carry out all the “rasams and riwazs” under one roof.

Stunning location

Cavanal Hill Resort has a best-in-class location, and it is extremely easy to reach our premises. We are located in Sector 115, Mohali, and all of your guests and other attendees can quickly locate our resort without any hassles.

Bespoke packages

We entirely admit that our clients need a partner who works in accordance with their needs and that is why we are here with customizable packages. Whatsoever you need you will find it with Cavanal Hill Resort.

We even let our clients design their own packages and deploy our proficient teams to work as per the instructions handed-over by the client.

Soft of the pocket

A grand palace means a high budget and more expenditure! But Cavanal Hill Resort being your partner and your well-wisher has kept the booking prices below the red line.

We don’t break the bank by charging you with an expensive price. Instead, we have justifiable prices, and you will admit the same once you book our venue.

Expert coordinators

Our expert coordinators monitor all the events taking place in the lap of our grand venue. These coordinators make sure that you are getting nothing less than the best while catering you with all the last-moment changes you need.

When it comes to the parking place, food quality, price, and all other factors you will find that Cavanal Hill Resort is way ahead of other service providers.

We work with zeal, and our teams are dedicated in making your event grand, beautiful and something that leaves memories which last forever.